Friday 5 February 2016


The 750 Special I am building requires a radiator cowl 22 3/16" high. These are very rare these days as they were fitted to much earlier cars so I took the standard ruby radiator and lopped 2" off it. Then I made custom side supports. The radiator core was also reduced in height to accommodate the new cowl. The radiator mounting brackets remain standard.

The next job is to paint all the chassis components ready for the fuel tank return. Then a test drive.

Here is an Index page for the build

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  1. Hello, nice to discover this great rebuild of your nice racer !
    I'm also restoring a Seven from 1936, and as it's my first Seven, I was wondering how to find a radiator in good shape (with center top filling) and over all, how to fit it with its cowl, onto the chassis ?
    If you ever could help me with this with pictures or sketches, it would be very welcome ! ;-) Idon't know what kind of brackets I need, as I just have the original "cow horn" that was, I guess, to fit the front wings... Thank you so much for all of that. Kind regards. Thierry