Friday 26 August 2016

Taking stock (2)

1937 Austin Seven Ruby

converted to

Super Accessories - (Super 750) Special

  • Chassis, back axle, steering, engine and transmission all from 1937 Austin Seven (955 UXF).
  • Engine rebuilt by Alba Austins in Glasgow, Super Alloy head, twin 1-1/8” SU carburettors, custom exhaust.
  • Front suspension: Bowden independent from the 1950's.
  • Wheels 4-1/2” custom built by Barry Brown in Windygates, Fife.
  • Racing seats manufactured by Hunts, USA.
  • Fuel tank custom built by Simon Hall, SiFab Ltd Warwickshire.
  • Custom roll over protection bar by Performance Protection.
  • Bodywork by Reynolds Fabrications with the help of Aliblast and David Taylor, Linlithgow.
  • Cherry Bomb” exhaust.
  • Radiator to fit custom cowl by Newquay Radiators, Cornwall.

To do:-

  • Fit mudguards all round.
  • Repair the bodywork removing unsightly holes.
  • Lights and indicators before running on public roads
  • Vintage tyres for car trials
  • Aero-screen and rear view mirrors

The images shown above were taken just prior to entering the Monklands Sporting Car club Hill Climb event 27th August 2016.

Here is an Index page for the build

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