Thursday 23 March 2017

Mirrors and Aeroscreens

One of the last jobs for this winters upgrade is mirrors and Brooklands Aeroscreens, just the job to finish the car off. The mirror choice was a bit tortuous I wanted something that did not look out of place but practical as well. I settled on mirrors from a MKII Land rover. I made a threaded reinforcing plate for below each mirror stalk.

Brookland Aeroscreens

The outside fixing of the aero screens had to have a spacer to make them look true and level with respect to the scuttle. The centre adjusters were replaced with a washer and a domed nut and lock nut to mount them closer together.
From the drivers perspective

Spacer added to outer fixings

Mounted closer than design intended

From outside, spacer gives better appearance
Here is an Index page for the build  

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  1. Hi - Just found your blog on aeros. How did you make the spacer for the outside of the aero and shape the base to fit the curves? I guess you may have a lathe - I don't. Cheers, Andrew