Friday 14 April 2017

Testing at Forrestburn

List of development issues this year

The Monklands Sporting Car Club (MSCC), my local car club have an early season event called a Car Trial. I used this to test out my winter modifications. The car is still in it's early stages so needs to be proved and what better way than to enter it into a car trial.

1) Gear Change:- After adjusting it correctly, the clutch is definitely fixed, no dragging issues any more. The gear change 1-2nd is clunky no synchro but I suspect that is normal..

2) Battery drain:- This eventually made me give up the last event see: battery-drain-problems. The electronic timer modulator on the water pump is working a treat. I put it in a sealed box now and wired it in permanently (out of sight) it comes on with the ignition now (in case I forget). No overheating problems despite a 80% off 20% ON. The timer box can be removed quickly if necessary. I will order a spare battery however as the frequent stop starting on an event will still drain the battery down. It will last till lunch time then change it over if necessary.

3) Fluid Leaks:- The latest water leak from the engine is now fixed, a friend  helped me remove the side alloy casting, trued it up on the belt sander, made a new gasket and refitted.

4) Choke:-  Fitted new choke cable which makes putting the choke OFF much better as the core is piano wire and it positively returns the mechanism. Putting it ON is the same faf, I would need to design some sort of external leaver accessible when the bonnet is on.

5) Oil Gauge:-  Fixed the oil pressure gauge, it had a leak in the pipe at the gauge end letting in air on switch off.

6) Steering:- Improved the steering range on heft handers by cutting the floor away in the driver foot well.

7) Reduce the clevis pin size on the brake leavers as the are fouling the suspension on full lock

It now drives more like a normal car for the first time. The brakes are even improving in effectiveness due to getting more running but the binding issue has not gone away.
Inside foot well modification
Steering arm more clearance

New clevis pins

Still to do

* Fit lights

Here is an Index page for the build

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