Monday 14 August 2017

Brakes binding

Despite rebuilding the brakes from scratch the brakes are not that good and they have a annoying habit of binding. This can be dangerous on the road when wet as you suddenly go into a skid as one corner bites when they others are still free.

I originally made a jig for truing up the drums on the lathe unfortunately I made a schoolboy error when turning it and I managed to insert a runoff. This was due the fact I was having trouble machining it so I put the backplane blank on backwards to machine it. Transferring it around  frontwards introduced a runoff error. This inserted effectively an offset into the drum when trying to tru them up. The error was only a few thou but magnified by the drum diameters caused a real problem

I discovered the error modified the jig and retried the drums on the car. This has stopped the binding issue now completely.

Lathe jig without runoff error

Here is an Index page for the build

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