Friday 22 March 2019

Volt meter, temp Gauge

I now have a Dynamater (Dynamo/Alternator) charging system and a temperature controlled cooling system it would make sense to have instruments to monitor the efficiency of such features. The classic Ruby dashboard has no facilities for this requirement and would look completely out of place if I did add them with extra meters etc. Another solution was required.

I came across this wonderful device from China, it is a 3 functions in one and plugs into a standard cigar lighter 12V socket.
As it turns out I already have a cigar lighter socket (12V outlet) added a couple of years ago to do the Applecross adventure. The temperature sensor is an external thermistor (a resistor that changes impedance with temperature) on a 30mm lead from the unit. If you extend that lead and attach it by araldite to the water system in some way you have a coolant temperature gauge + volt meter that tells you how well the Dynamater is doing and provides a USB connection for charging your phone.

There is one snag I attached the thermistor to the thermostat housing, there is a 25 degree difference between what the thermometer reads and the actual water temperature. so when it reads 55deg C the actual temperature is 80 deg C (the thermostat temperature). When the thermostat closes the water pump runs and maintains a constant temperature in the engine.

Maximum temperature 95deg C

New thermistor location
If you want to see a video of this feature

Here is an Index page for the build

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