Wednesday 4 August 2021

Improved headlights for MoT

 One of my ambitions is to make the car as road legal as possible. One of the key improvements is adequate Headlights. The headlights I had fitted are of the Lucas pattern and are a nice looking vintage type lamp but the lack light cut-off on dip and possibly blinds oncoming traffic and potentially fails an MoT.

The problem being these headlights are in actual fact spotlights off some vintage car, they look the part but are not designed for my application. 


1) Fit some modern aftermarket part

2) Fit a new insert into the existing assembly

3) Get some real A7 headlights

I chose 2)  however the options of sealed beam units or otherwise is extremely limited.

I found a Vespa headlight unit which is almost ideal. It has a focused dip beam, has a parking light and with a bit of effort will take a standard (Bosch) motorcycle 12v headlamp bulb.

The adapter tube was turned out of a piece 127mm x 6.3 mm alloy pipe. Metals4you supplied the material at a reasonable price. The tube just fitted my Myford chuck and an afternoon was spent generating swarf.

The above image shows the 1930's pattern Lucas spot lamp fitted with a Vespa headlight assembly. 

Here is an Index page for the build

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