Tuesday 24 November 2015

Brake pedal and steering box mounting

Now that the front bodywork frame is in place I can set my sights on the intermediate goal of getting a rolling chassis with brakes and steering.

The next job was to mount the steering box at the required angle for an open topped special and get the brake pedal mounted correctly relative to the bodywork also.

I have the alloy wedge, the normal way of changing the steering angle but that has proved to be a poor solution as the angle provided is not quite low enough and even when all bolted up looks rather flimsy (will not take a good shake without everything moving).

I decided to make a new steering box mounting and modify the brake pedal position to suit my front bodywork. The pedal  had to be bent with some heat from my acetylene kit to achieve the desired pedal layout.

Slight bend to pedal

Steering box mounted

Now connected to the hand brake

Update 4th Aug 21

The steering has been converted to Hilman Imp rack and pinion the steering wheel is now smaller and removable. See later postings.

Here is an Index page for the build

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