Wednesday 4 November 2015

Engine trial fit

Now that the engine has returned from Alba Austins in Glasgow it is time to trial fit it to the chassis and see if it all connects up. The purpose of all this is to throw up the problems and design the missing parts of the bodywork.


Diff flange 6 holes and prop shaft 4!
Gearbox tripod thing

Diff in place but not cleaned externally but  needs refurbed


The engine fits in the chassis, however the adapter plate coming out of the gearbox has 3 thingy's (meant to interface with a rubber flexi joint), the prop shaft has 4 holes in either end plate and the torque tube adapter has 6 holes.I have managed obtain from Ruairidh (Alba Austins) a 4 hole flange for the gearbox output, I may have to make an adapter converter plate for the torque tube flange.

The back axel was full of water, discovered at the blasting stage and has to be cleaned internally stripped down. Ruairidh replaced the inner seals for me however I need to adjust the inner bearings after rebuild and get the brakes working. The pivot pins are two different sizes neither of which fits the brake shoes I have.

Update 4th Aug 2021

The engine was fine as a restoration but I have had the engine further developed to produce an estimated 3x the original power with racing pistons, high lift cam shaft, lightened flywheel and racing gearbox.

 Here is an Index page for the build

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