Wednesday 28 October 2015

Cown horns and front suspension mounts

Progress is slow on this project so far with major bits still all over Scotland. The objective is to get the car ready for a hill climb next year and time is marching on.

The engine returns from Ruairidh Dunford (engine restorer) at the weekend so time to get some stuff done before it arrives.

Cow horns

The "cow horns" are the means of terminating the bodywork in a Ruby to the correct width to integrate with the radiator. The cow horns I have are from a different model. They are forged pieces and about 8mm thick. One of the holes is correct the other was about 15mm out. Despite that they are perfectly usable and easily modified. Just weld one hole closed and drill another.

Front suspension mounts

The front suspension on this build is a Bowden independent setup from the 1950's . I have had all the parts cleaned and blasted it is time to start putting it all together. The first job was to order 40mm high tensile square U bolts. Unfortunately square U bolts are anything but, they have curved corners. When clamping the front suspension it is important to clamp things over a wide surface area, and ensure the bolts don't move in the event of a small impact with kerb or such like. I made up saddle using 4mm steel plate with curved corners to match the U bolts corner radii.

As I don't have any wheels yet the front hub assemblies final fit will have to wait for now. Next job mount the engine gearbox and back axel to visualise and plan the chassis modifications.

 Here is an Index page for the build


  1. hi
    am just starting to build a austin 7 and am looking for soon tips

    1. I have just started another build, how can I help?

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