Sunday 13 December 2015

Rear radius rods

The Austin Seven rear suspension suffers from bending sideways on corners. This results in excessive overseer. If you view ( I have now considered all the options and I have decided on the A frame implementation.

On the chassis part I have decided to make a ball joint similar to the front tie bars. The first job is to make a ball on the lathe to mirror the ball on the torque tube. Obviously the ball on the left is rear facing and has a 10mm hole to take the radius rods.

 The tie rods are manufactured from 22mm CDS tube with custom turned ends. The chassis ends are simple cups to take the ball shaped A7 joints and the other end is a 30mm bar turned out to an interference fit of the Metalastic bush. The metalastic bushes are std10mm x 23mm x 28mm bushes off ebay probably used for a quad bike or the like.

Tie rods in place

Tie rods

Clevis plates added to diff casing

Update 4th Aug 21

This  subsequently proved to be a big mistake and updated with a Panhard Rod see further posting. The old mountings on the diff were ground off.

Here is an Index page for the build

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