Tuesday 15 December 2015

Steering arm and linkage

I discovered the steering arm and linkage I acquired appeared to be from another model and did not fit my A7. The steering arm however was not that far away from what was needed but  needed a 90 degree twist at the end. It also needed an adapter to connect to the upright. I had a look at the standard A7 ball ends and I am not that impressed with the design such that I decided to use  a pair of M10 ball joints from McGill Motor Spport and a CDS 22mm bar in between them.

The design for the adapter is shown below, it is designed to take my now twisted steering arm and connect it to the offside upright forging hole.

The 10mm had to be reduced to 5 mm to make space for the brake cable.

Adapter in place

Steering arm in place

Subsequent measurements show only two turns lock to lock.

Update 4th Aug 21

This modification is now replaced with updated Hilman Imp steering conversion.

Here is an Index page for the build

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