Monday 27 July 2015

Considering the rear chassis modifications

There is a book called Austin '7' Specials by L.M.(Bill) Williams that illustrates the issue. The A7 leaf springs can cause significant over-steer due to shortening on one side versus the other. To remedy this an A frame can be fitted as illustrated in the fore mentioned book .

The issue surrounds the fitting of the 750 Special body that narrows in at the back, the addition of shocks, petrol tank and last but not least a roll over protection bar.

Douglas Anderson says"The A-frame in your the above illustration  does not look like there are enough degrees of freedom for the axle to work without twisting the frame or bushings. The Panhard rod is a far simpler idea. The A-frame looks like it would interfere with the torque tube as well."
Panhard rod
Watts linkage does a similar thing

Watts linkage
RD part for Escort?
  Here is an Index page for the build


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