Monday 13 July 2015

The brakes

The brakes is another subject that has provoked much thought recently. With the acquired Bowden front suspension came half the parts for the Bowden front brakes which are reckoned to be superior to the original A7 OEM ones. The rear differential and drive shaft assembly, all the brake parts are missing including some very expensive machined bearing hubs etc. In the long term I may fit hydraulic brakes all round.

I have three hub assemblies that fit  the front axel, only one has ball races that rotated. I removed all the offending bearings for replacement. The priority is to find a)missing parts for the front brakes b) a set of brake parts for the new rear axel.

Rear hubs no cams/pivots

Bowden front axel 1" brakes

Bowden cables
 Here is an Index page for the build

Update 27th Aug 15

I have decided to upgrade the brake shoes to 1.25" with I have purchased from tony Betts. I have also got all the parts now for the rear hubs on the new axel. I also picked up a spare set of drums from Tony. Rolling chassis here we come!

Update 4th Aug 21

I have subsequently updated the brakes to hydraulic twin leading shoe at the front and single leading shoe at the rear, the brake liners have also been updated to Mintex high performance racing material.

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