Sunday 12 July 2015

Inspecting the Gearbox

I decided to start investigating what I have purchased in terms of parts and what work needs done. I started with the gearbox. It looks complete and is a four speed variety from 1933 onwards, it has a remote shift from a company called Wooler. I took the lid off and it has been cleaned of all oil but unfortunately it was seized (as a result of lying around with no oil I guess). I put some WD40 into the input bearing, attached the spare clutch plate with the spline and rotated it slowly using the clutch plate as a leaver. With minimal force it eventually freed up and I was able to measure the ratios. I put a piece of tape on the input and output and estimated the number of turns like a clock face noting the turns to the nearest 5 mins.

First  = 4.33 (* 4.36)
Sec    = 2.58 (* 2.63)
Third = 1.66 (* 1.66)
Top   = 1.0   (* 1.00)

* From manufactures spec

In summary I have a bog standard 4 peed box from 1933 onwards with a remote gear change. It looks like it needs a refurbishment from the bearing point of view if nothing else. It is also missing a drain plug. It appears to have a s/n of 37877

 Here is an Index page for the build.

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