Monday 13 July 2015

Initial summary

To summarise what investigations have revealed so far:

* The chassis looks sound and consistent with it being a Ruby chassis from 1937. It is currently being sand blasted at Aliblast Services in Linlithgow to see how sound it actually is.
* A major unknown is whether the Super Accessories - "Super 750" special bodywork fits the long chassis of the Ruby. After adapting the rear chassis to fit the Super 750 bodywork all appears to be fine. It would appear the differences between the short and long bodies are all at the front.
* The engine block and castings look in good condition with some interesting tuning bits however it is  just that, a kit of parts.  Ruairidh Dunford in Bearsden has agreed to completely restore the engine including a "Phoenix crank".
* The differential and axel which I thought was almost complete is missing some very expensive parts like the crown wheel, pinion, hub assemblies and brake parts. Replacement diff assembly is now purchased.
* The brakes are were almost non existent apart from one corner, offside front. All the parts are now obtained from Tony Betts.

A lot of work still to do...........

Here is an index of all the blog pages

11 July 15The startPurchasing the car
12th July 15Inspecting the gearboxGearbox 4 speed
13th July 15Front suspension identBowden front suspension
13th July 15What brakesLots of brake problems
13th July 15IndexInitial summary and index
15th July 15Body fitWill the body fit the chassis
27th July 15Considering rear chassis modsSorting oversteer problems on A7
1st Aug 15Body fit to chassisWill the body fit the chassis
14th Aug 15SteeringAlloy steering box overhaul and lowering
15th Aug 15DashboardDashboard
16th Oct 15Roll over protectionThe roll over protection bar design
4th Nov 15Engine returnsTrial fit of engine
8th Nov 15TransmissionConnecting up the drive train
16th Nov 15Front bodyworkReplacing the missing front bodywork
24th Nov 15Brake pedal and steering box mountingBrake pedal and steering box mounting
2nd Dec 15BrakesRefurb of the brakes keeping them mechanical
9th Dec 15Custom tie barsFront suspension custom tie bars
12th Dec 15Throttle pedalThrottle pedal from a Mini fits well
13th Dec 15Rear radius rodsRear radius rods to cure famous over steer
15th Dec 15Steering arm and linkageSteering arm and linkage mods/fabrication
23rd Dec 15Rear bulkhead and floor supports Preparation for floor and seatbelt mounts etc
8th Jan 16Steering wheelChanging from a 15" to a 13"
28th Jan 16Starting HandleStarting handle
05th Feb 16RadiatorResizing the radiator size and making mounting brackets
19th Feb 16Wiring harnessStandard Ruby harness with flashers and dip headlights + 12V conversion.
20th Feb 16Fuel TankCustom fuel tank
3rd March 16Front fire wallAdding alloy panels to create a fire wall
1st April 16Twin SU carburettorsAdding twin carburettors
7th April 16Gearbox problems4 speed gearbox corrosion problems
13th April 16Transmission tunnelAnother safety feature and keeps the rain out.
26th April 16ExhaustCherry bomb exhaust
13th June 16TestingTesting the engine, fuel system and electrics
1st July 16ShockersReplacing the mechanical shock absorbers
1st July 16Taking stockPreparing for the first hill climb in September 16
20th July16Wheels and tyresDifficult choices for tyres
4th Aug 16Creating the front bodyworkFour panels to complete the front bodywrk
4th Aug 16seat beltsSeat belts for safety perhaps
26th Aug 16Taking Stock-2Entering the first hill climb, reflections
21st Feb 17 Cycle wiings and modified exhaust.htmlStart of the winter 2016/17 upgrades
23rd March 17Mirrors and aeroscreensEssential to complete the vintage look
14th April 17Battery drain problemsBattery drain from electric water pump
14th April 17Summary after redesign of critical itemsA full seven issues identified after Forrestburn trial
5th May 17LightsAdding road legal lights
24th June 17Battery charging revisitedMore problems with battery charging
14th July 17Starting issuesStarting issues with 6V starter
26th July 17Tool storagePlace to put tools if you drive it on the road
14th Aug 17Brakes bindingPlagued by brakes that bind
28th Aug 17Electronic distributorUpgrading distributor
21st Jan 192017-2019 Upgrade2017-2019 Major upgrade, tuned engine, better brakes etc
29th Jan 19Tonneau cover not quiteHome made tonneau for trailering to events
28th Feb 19DynamatorDynamator and water pump thermostat
9th Mar 19Cushions for racing seats? Gail from GJ Upholstery makes me some seats
22 Mar 19Temp, Volts,USBTemp and Volt gauge from Chinese cigar adapter
2nd Aug 21Rack and Pinion SteeringRack and pinion steering conversion using Hilman Imp parts
4th Aug 21Adding CasterSetting the caster angle of the steering to 6 deg
.Shock absorber improvement
Improving the Friction Shock absorbers in the Bowden front suspension
.Rear Panhard RodRevisit the rear Panhard rod
.Improved HeadlightsImproved headlights to help with MoT
.Petrol PumpFuel Pump Upgrade


  1. Simple 12 volt mod from the 6 volt dynamo remove the third brush install 12volt 106 LUCAS regulator and job done the dynamo will run up and the regulator will control it.Regarding the brakes as they are new "" cook em"" wear them in drive constantly apply brakes or drive with foot lightly on brake pedal it will improve .

    1. Hydraulic brakes fitted now with dual cct and balance bar front to back, much improved I now have brakes.

  2. Wheels try 15inch rims better handling and will give you more revs for the hills .

  3. Twin carbs ? Well they look nice but often too much for 750c needle selection important, lighten flywheel get the revs up !

    1. The capacity has gone up in the latest engine rebuild to 800cc and high lift cam should consume all the petrol fast I hope.